Rules of the campsite



You should respect the maximum speed of 6 mil/h. (10 km/h) for vehicles in all the campsite enclosure. Driving is not allowed between 12 p.m. till 7 a.m.

We beg for absolute silence between 12 p.m. and 7 a.m. In this period, recreational games cannot be used, time radios, TV sets, conversations etc., are not to be heard from one site to another. Out of that period, and coverall between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. we also recommend silence as the best sound.


All cars must be parked at the outdoor parking. The pitches cannot be used as a parking. You are required to park cars within the pitch assigned, otherwise this shall be interpreted as an extra car for which you can be charged in your stay (according to the rate).

The campsite will not be responsible in the event of an accident causes damage or scratches on vehicles.



In case of being admitted, the mandatory provisions are as follows:

- Inside the Camping they must be permanently tied. Animals will not be able to access the following facilities under any circumstances: Supermarket, restaurant, swimming pool, toilets, and playgrounds.

The animals must do their needs outside the campsite. If they do their needs it inside, the owner must collect it immediately. The transgression of this rule could be a reason to check out the costumer of the campsite.

- The owners must bring the corresponding animal’s health card, which may be required by the Camping staff to carry out the appropriate checks.

- The campsite will not be responsible for any personal or material damage that the animals may cause, either to the owner or to other persons, even complying with the rules set out in this regulation. When the animal is owned by a visitor, the camper who has been visited will be the subsidiary responsible for the damages caused. By way of prevention, the management of the Camping reserves the right to refuse any animal who adopts an attitude that could be considered aggressive.

- Dogs considered dangerous breed are not allowed in the entire campsite: Akita Inu, American Staffordshire Terrier, Doberman, Dogo Argentino, Fila Brasileiro, Pitt Bull Terrier, Rottweiller, Staffordshire Bull Terrier and Tosa Inu.

- The supplement for pets on the plot is 4€/night/pet.

- The supplement for pets in bungalows is 5€/night/pet.


All visits must be notified by the customer at the Reception upon arrival. The visitors must provide their identification document for registration. Visitor's vehicles cannot access at the Campsite, they must be parked at the outdoor parking. All visits must be paid for at the arrival. Any visit not communicated at the Reception will be billed to the client who has be visited.


We always clean the accommodations before your arrival.

Please keep the campsite facilities as clean as possible and in good condition.

Carwash is totally forbidden in the entire campsite.


The pitch must be clean and clear once it has been leaved, with the general light off and the hoses disconnected and properly collected. The Campsite staff is authorized to disconnect the electricity and water from the pitches in case the client leave the campsite more than 24h (without notify the reception), also to remove the objects in case they impede circulation and / or present any danger to the physical integrity of customers or for our facilities.

The placement of fences of any type or facilities other than those of the Camping is expressly prohibited.

It is forbidden to pour dirty or residual water directly at the camping ground. On pitches without drainage, it is mandatory to use a container under the caravan as a receptacle for liquids.


In this campsite we are pleased to be respectful about flora and fauna, for that reason it is absolutely forbidden to disturb the mentioned species by hunting or breaking its natural harmony or feeding them.

In the same way, for the benefit of the environment, we recommend a rational use of water and lighting, and avoid the use of materials that are harmful to the environment.

The campsite does selective garbage collection. Please help to respect the environment by using the containers for this purpose located on street A (located in front of the laundry).

The fountains spread all across the Campsite are to be used as a source of water, not to be used to wash clothes, animals or dishes.

Sinks will be used for dishwashing and laundries to wash up the clothes.

The water is drinkable in all the campsite.

The playground is for the exclusive use of children between 2 and 10 years old, always accompanied by an adult. These facilities lack surveillance, so the Camping declines all responsibility to parents.

The campsite is not responsible about accidents you might have while practicing games and sports in the campsite’s facilities.

The kids club offers several activities for children among 4 and 12 years old.

Their assistance is totally free and voluntary, therefore the decision to take part belongs only to themselves and their parents.

The camping or the Kids Club has absolutely no responsibility in case of any prejudice or accident that could happen between the kids, and we reserve the right to refuse Admission.

At the swimming pool, children under 8 years old must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

The use of objects in the swimming-pools like mattresses, balls, water guns, etc. it is forbidden.

Do not smoke and eat in the swimming-pool area.

Pets are not allowed to enter the swimming-pool area.

To avoid inconvenience to other campers, the practice of games or sports will be restricted to areas designated for this purpose. The use of lasers and BB guns, as well as other dangerous games, is totally forbidden.


It is forbidden to make any type of fire on the spot, except for butane gas stoves or gas or electric barbecues, always adopting the maximum safety measures and when atmospheric conditions allow it. This rule is subject to variations depending on the preventive forest measures of the Generalitat de Catalunya.

The Camping is not responsible if an incident happens because of not respecting these rules.


The Camping is not responsible for the theft or damage of any kind that the campers and their belongings may be victims. Neither will it be liable for damages caused by fires caused by the campers themselves or their belongings, atmospheric incidents, or any other cause beyond the Company's control. Campers are requested to be extremely prudent to avoid any of these assumptions, and we inform them that they have safe deposit boxes available for rent at the Camping Reception.

In case of emergency, you should immediately notify the Reception, the Camping staff or call at the following phone number: 977.179.513.

In case of fire, you must leave your accommodation and go to the main entrance or to the beach, depending on proximity. If any of these situations happens at night, the security guard (present from June to September) or maintenance staff, located at the home next to Reception, must be notified.


The admission of campers has the limitations set forth in article 9 of Decree 200/1999 that regulates the right of admission in public establishments, preventing admission and access to our facilities:

a) People who show violent attitudes, and especially those who behave aggressively or provoke altercations, those who carry weapons or objects that can be used as such and those who wear clothing or symbols that incite violence, the racism or xenophobia under the terms provided in the Penal Code.

b) People who may cause danger or annoyance to other spectators or users and, especially to those who are consuming drugs or narcotic substances or show symptoms of having consumed and those who show signs of intoxication.


In the event that a client disturbs the stay of others or does not respect the rules established in these internal regulations, the Campsite may, orally or in writing, if it deems it necessary, give a notice to stop the problematic behaviour.

In case of serious or repetitive breach of the internal regulations, and after the client has been notified by the Camping staff, the rental contract will be terminated. In the event of a criminal offense, the Campsite will notify the corresponding authorities.

Any person registered in Camping Playa y Fiesta, agrees to know, and agree to the present Internal Regulations.

The rules contained in these Regulations are mandatory for all persons present at the Camping Playa y Fiesta facilities, we thank them in advance for their compliance. Failure to comply with these regulations may be grounds for expulsion from the campsite.

At the Reception you have at your disposal some official claim sheets where you can record the claims or complaints that you consider appropriate.

The Camping Management reserves the right to make any changes to these Regulations.

The whole team at Camping Playa y Fiesta wish you a happy stay with us.



The departure must be made before 12:00 on the last day of stay. The late abandonment of the pitch carries a supplement (11€).

The pitch cannot be occupied by other people without the owner being present.

The standard price of the pitch includes: 1 caravan or tent + 1 car + 2 people // 1 motorhome + 2 people. Any supplementary person, animal or vehicle are subject to supplements (check our rates).

The pitches rent includes access to electricity and water.

The client will be able to freely choose the pitch upon arrival. If it is required due to unforeseen causes, the Camping reserves the right to modify the pitch chosen by the client, replacing it with another with the same characteristics.

Tents or caravans cannot be left unoccupied at the Camping for more than 24 hours without informing the Reception, which may accept the absence under the conditions indicated or force the client to leave the site with all their belongings.

The tourist tax is not included in the rates: € 0.66 per night / adult over 16 years old, a maximum of 7 nights.


The check-in in the accommodations will be from 16:00pm.

The accommodations must be left before 10:00am of the check-out day. Late check-out will incur a surcharge (25€).

The booking will be kept until 10:00am on the day after the date of the check-in.

Deposit: 20% of the total cost will have to be paid at the moment you make the reservation. The remaining amount, and other supplements if applicable, will be paid upon arrival at the Camping.


- With more than 30 days prior to arrival at the Camping: 10% of the total reservation will be returned.

- With less than 30 days prior to arrival at the Camping: The advance payment already delivered will be not returned.

The confirmation of the booking will be made once the payment of the corresponding deposit has been received by mail or by phone.

In case the arrival was later or the departure prior from the contracted stay, you must pay the entire reservation.

Bookings are personal and non-transferable; any modification must be communicated at the Reception. Otherwise, the corresponding charges will be applied at the end of the stay.

The tourist tax is not included in the rates: € 0.66 per night / adult over 16 years old, a maximum of 7 nights.

We work hard to give you the best possible service and in case any problem or difficulty arises, please immediately inform the reception staff.

For more information, do not hesitate to contact our booking’s department:


Tel.: 977.179.513

Carretera nacional 340, Km 1138. P.O. Box 168.

43892 Miami Platja


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